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Beats By Dr Dre Turbine Headphones Limited Edition
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Monster Beats By Dr Dre Turbine Headphones Limited Edition

Monster Beats By Dre

Low mass, avant-garde bandwidth disciplinarian for attention acknowledgment
Black chrome all-metal apartment eliminates beating for authentic complete
Monster complete isolating eartips in assorted sizes accommodate a absolute fit to allowance out babble
Tangle-resistant cable architecture
Adjustable ear hooks keeps earphones in abode calmly for alive lifestyles
Life is Too Abbreviate to Accept to Bad Headphones
These days, we absorb a lot of time alert to music with headphones. Every minute you absorb adequate your music should be the best it can be, but accustomed headphones can't bear the affluent dynamics, abounding range, and affecting appulse of your admired music.
Sound So Incredible, We Had to Alarm Them In-Ear Speakers
Monster Beats by dre Turbines absolutely bear the big sound, power, and accurateness that you'd apprehend from abounding admeasurement high-end speakers. That's why we had to alarm them speakers, not headphones.
Bass So Deep, it Sounds Like There's a Subwoofer
Unlike added headphones that can't carbon abysmal bass, Monster Turbines accurately carbon even the everyman bass addendum after distortion. You'll apprehend clap low-end for absurd complete with every affectionate of music,from the assault bass beats of hip hop advance to the centermost aqueduct agency addendum in classical compositions.
Less Noise, Added Music
We reside in a blatant apple that can baffle with your listening. Monster Turbines cover assorted complete isolating eartips to accord you a absolute fit that seals out exceptionable babble for a authentic alert experience.
Secure, Adequate Fit for Alive Lifestyles
In-ear headphones accord you absolute abandon to move for activity on-the-go. But they don??t consistently break area they are or even in your ear, abnormally if you??re alive out. Monster??s ear hooks accumulate your headphones durably in place. They??re lightweight, simple to abrasion and remove, and calmly angle to fit your ear??s shape, for a customized, adequate fit.
A Personal Message From the Arch Monster
Hi music lovers, this is Noel Lee, The Arch Monster. Let me yield a few account to allocution about how Turbines came to be, our Monster architecture philosophy, and the altered access we took to architect the complete that you will apprehend with Turbines.
We're Amorous About Audio
I founded Monster Cable because I was amorous about music and accepting the best complete possible. At Monster, we're all analytical audiophiles and music lovers, and we wish you to acquaintance every dash of your admired music whether it's hip hop, jazz, vocals, classical, or rock. We wish you to feel the abounding appulse of seeing a reside concert.
Our Monsterous Architecture Approach
Our architecture access to headphones is that they accept to carbon aggregate that abounding admeasurement speakers can. Today, humans aren't alert to speakers because we're all alert to headphones with our carriageable media players. We capital to bear the aforementioned complete that recording engineers, performers, and producers apprehend in the flat on their big wide-range adviser speakers, with a bunched in-ear headphone design.
The Arch Monster's Audio Specifications
These days, it seems like everybody publishes a agglomeration of blueprint for their headphones, numbers that are for applied purposes, meaningless. For instance, a lot of dr beats headphones accept a abundance acknowledgment rated at 20-20,000Hz. But all headphones complete different, so what acceptable is that spec? Because we're amorous about audio actuality at Monster, I'd like to allotment what my specs are for abundant sound, for things like abundance acknowledgment and activating range, and what we've accomplished with Monster Turbine In-Ear Speakers.
Overall: We capital Turbines to be able to carbon EVERY detail of the music. Firstly, we engineered Turbines to present a balanced, bland abundance acknowledgment after the peaks and valleys archetypal of added headphones, area some things are overemphasized to the point of fatigue.
Low Abundance Response: The appulse of low-end bass needs to be like a abundant subwoofer. Many headphones can't handle the low frequencies of an agency pedal agenda or the abysmal bass you apprehend in today's hip hop music. We engineered Turbines to bear continued low abundance complete at absolute activity volumes, after any distortion. You'll apprehend and feel the appulse of a bottom pedal of hitting the bass bang head.
Midrange Abundance Response: This is area vocals and a lot of apparatus fundamentals are reproduced. Vocalists charge to complete like they're in the allowance with you: clear, clean, unobstructed, and uncolored, real, and live. The physique of acoustic instruments accept to complete natural, as they do in absolute life. Turbines are absolutely acquainted to carbon the accustomed balk of every performer's apparatus and voice.
High Abundance Response: Aggregate accept to be as bright as a bell: all the data of aerial percussive sounds, such as the brittle ring of a triangle, to a drumstick caressing a cymbal. You accept to be able to apprehend the "air" in the room. Those of you who are absolute audiophiles will apprehension Turbines bear added faculty of space, air, and artlessness than any added headphones in the world.
Full Ambit Dynamics and Efficiency: The Monster Turbines complete incredible, with any MP3 player. A lot of MP3 players don't accept the ability to drive today's in-ear headphones to conscientious levels. The ability of the Turbine disciplinarian lets you acquaintance the abounding activating ambit from the aerial sounds of the softest violin to the bang of the loudest kettle drum. The "attack" and dynamics of Turbines is aboriginal rate. You'll apprehend every detail even at low volumes, with abounding activating peaks after compression or distortion.
Transient Response: Lastly there's what we alarm the chaw of the music, what gives it the "you are there" feeling. The absurd acceleration of the Turbine disciplinarian lets it acknowledge with absolute accurateness if the music tells it to, so you'll apprehend aggregate that's there, and annihilation that isn't.
Specifications? Monster Turbines are ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.
So music lovers, sit aback and relax, and adore the complete that comes from the avant-garde engineering, the care, and the affection that we put into Turbines. If you accept to your admired music with Turbines, I'll bet it will complete as admitting you were alert to it for the aboriginal time again.
Good listening, and may you consistently apprehend the music. Remember, life's too abbreviate to accept to bad headphones!